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"The moment you have food in your mouth, you've solved all the secrets of the world."

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There are many reasons to visit Kybele Café Bistro.

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Healthy food point
Kybele Café Bistro

Hidden Treasure in the heart of Highland Park: Kybele Café Bistro. A healthy dining point for everyone who enjoys all natural, fresh and homemade foods that we prepare daily to serve your appetite!

It’s not what the price is that makes
a meal worthwhile !

It’s the respect that we show to our kitchen and the food coming out for you. Kybele Café Bistro team knows that and prepares delicious dishes and fresh salads with this feeling.

Kybele Café Bistro team always welcomes
all our guests

Kybele Café Bistro team always welcomes all our guests with the feeling of excitement of our first day!! Our cozy, modern and elegant ambience has become the indispensable meeting point with your friends and family to share your joy of friendship and love !!!

Wonderful cafe!

Wonderful cafe with seriously good home made food. Evram (the owner) took good care of us. If your like fresh interesting Turkish food you'll love it. Enjoy!

Beautiful place!

Beautiful cafe, pleasant vibe, friendly owner and staff. I got the "that thing" salad with quinoa, greens and avocado. It was refreshing, filling and delicious.

This place is so great!

This place is so great. It's family run and the food was wonderful. Owners were also really sweet and attentive. They make seasonal fresh juice and try and use organic ingredients with still great prices. They also are byob!

Kybele Café Bistro menu is an effective communication tool
that tells the whole spirit, joy and most importantly irresistible food of the living concept.

We know what good means

Kybele Café Bistro menu leaves a permanent mark on the palate of the diners.
It's like pleasant memories tickle our memory from time to time.
That's why all the dishes of Kybele Café Bistro remain in mind.

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